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Look beautiful with an easy trick

11:41 AM

Looking good mostly comes down to make-up and hair and may be pretty clothes, but I feel there is one important thing which makes a big difference to how you look. Facial expressions, happiness and sadness. We know sad people never look beautiful, however flawless their skin is and however perfect their make-up is.

If you are looking neither sad nor happy and not smiling, then you could still look good and possibly sexy, because obviously smiling isn't really considered sexy. Smiling does make people look beautiful though. I feel a genuine smile instantly brightens up a face no matter what.

Looking sexy is promoted more. Looking through the pictures of models and celebrities, women aim to look like them but I feel looking beautiful should matter equally. A smile not only makes a face glow but also spreads its radiance to everyone looking at it. I think when we remember our loved ones then we most like to remember their smiling and happy faces, because it makes us feel good. Those are the moments that make us feel good, seeing people happy.

Search for images of happy women, sad women and female models and you will know what I mean. Smiling makes people look good and friendly regardless of their wrinkles.

Image: Miley Cyrus

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