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Beating Boredom, your biggest enemy

7:32 AM

People are dying from boredom more than ever. When humans first arrived on planet earth, they were purely physical beings. We are slowly moving towards being more and more intellectual. Relieving boredom has become more important than paying bills.

I don't blame them. The generations before us were probably just as bored but felt that they don't have a choice. Today, people want more from life than settling for mundane existence.

I feel most of us are missing something vital. How would you go about keeping boredom away? I suppose you would like more vacations, a more exciting spouse or job. Nothing wrong in wanting any of those. But the basics must never be ignored. They help us more than we could imagine.

What I'm referring you, is health and peace. It might not make sense, but if you try, you'll find that I'm right. I feel that it becomes impossible to get rid of boredom without being healthy. If I feel bored, I take a bath or do a massage or something else for my health and follow it with something interesting, like talking, music or movies. Of course, we would feel bored also if we only work on health and hygiene.

But, I feel they are important. Health is the Step 1 for leading an exciting life. And I'm sure this step is missed by many. I think when we are bored, the last thing on our mind is a bath or exercise or massage. However, they help a great deal. Follow them up with something you enjoy and your boredom is sure to go away.

Image: Nicole Kidman

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