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Be True, Be Real

10:45 AM

Be you. You. Not the version of you that the society likes or your boyfriend does. Women are expected to follow rules more than men. We are a woman first and a person second, according to most. We are supposed to be living barbie dolls, with perfect teeth, perfect hair and no body hair. Well, I say it's human! We have a personality and we were born with hair!

Sure, humans have come a long way. We are civilized beings, not the hairy creature we used to be. Or so we are told. If we have changed so much, why does nature give us body hair, then? Why hasn't it disappeared? I'm against the whole plastic culture..the perfect make-up, surgeries and fake looking hair. I totally believe nature creates us in the way that is best for us. The hair, teeth, eyes and the rest are the way they are because that's what suits us. They reflect our personality. I even notice my look naturally changes when life does, when I do. If my personality and life go through drastic changes, so does my look.

And you do, of course you want to look the way you are. If your outside and inside are the same, people treat you for who you are and give you what you need. If people cannot see you for who you are, they are going to have trouble understanding you. I imagine this would make relationships difficult.

All of us need to be understood. We don't want to come across as someone we are just not. We want to be treated for who we are. Thus, it's important to look like ourselves.

Image: Angelina Jolie

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