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How I get rid of dandruff or scalp itching

1:41 PM

The big question. Is the flaky, itchy condition which irritates you incurable? From my personal experience and reading, I think it is. While there are many remedies which reduce it or temporarily cure it, I'm not sure if there is a permanent solution.

I'm not even sure if I've ever had dandruff, because I've read that one can have dandruff like symptoms without actually having dandruff. But whether the flakes on my head are waxy or dry, oils always help a great deal.

I've used different oils and coconut, olive and mustard all helped me though I think mustard oil helped more than others. The one that has been the most efficient is an ayurvedic oil. But any of the remedies which have been suggested to me failed miserably, some even causing the dryness and itching to grow including the popular coconut oil-lemon mix.

What I've found is that regular use of oils and head and shoulders shampoo eliminates the problem over time. Initially, the use of an oil only gave me temporary relief, getting rid of the itching. It would come back a few days later so I would have to use the oil again. I think a lot of us in this situation would believe we need to try another solution, but when in comes to our body, we need to be persistent to see results.

Now that I've used the ayurvedic oil for a few months and head and shoulders shampoo occasionally, I can't even remember when I last had my head itching!

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Image: Emma Watson

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