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Is flawless skin overrated?

2:49 PM

Flawless skin. What women want the most. Why don't we all have naturally flawless skin and are there any disadvantages to looking flawless?

Well, for one, it often looks unreal. Another thing is that by trying to make your skin look perfect through make-up, you could be spoiling it and if you don't cover your blemishes, you are more likely to look after yourself and try to eliminate them naturally through ways which will not only make you look good but also make you feel good and healthy.

It's all good for the red carpet and for you on parties but looking perfect on a daily basis has its downsides. For one, if you look perfect, people expect you to be perfect. Your face shows how you are, whether mature or youthful and it doesn't help to portray a false image.

While a little mascara and foundation never hurt anyone, but I find flawless skin to be too boring. It does look good but it makes you seem like a boring person, like a plastic beauty. Real beauty is in looking like a real person and letting your eyes and smile sparkle.

I personally only like to use a lipstick to add color to my look, and making sure my skin is moisturized but certainly, not covering up blemishes motivates me to follow healthier habits and to get rid of them permanently.

You might ask, why let them heal naturally, why attempt to get rid of them and prevent them through a healthier lifestyle when you can always hide them? Well because, you may be able to fool people but you can't fool yourself. Would you be happier if you know you are looking good thanks to 10 beauty products or if you look so naturally? Anyone can learn to hide their flaws but the real achievement is to actually be good.

Image: Emma Watson

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