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Go short, don't be afraid!

11:07 AM

If you are a woman and afraid short hair would not look good on you, then fear not because there is a short hairstyle for every woman. In Long hair or short hair?, I've talked about how your face can help you determine which length of hair to go for.

What I'd like to say that, if you really want to go short, don't hold back. Worst case, you will have to grow it long but don't we all feel bad about the things we have done in life rather than the things we ended up doing but didn't work out? I feel all of us need to live our heart out. Anyway, if you suppress wishes or desires, they only come out in a bad way. Life would be so boring if we went by all the rules instead of doing what we feel like.

Many women are afraid to cut their hair short because they are conditioned to believe women look good with long hair. Trust me, it is not that we don't look good with short hair but rather that we are all expected to be an 'ideal' woman as much as possible. But what is ideal for society should never be taken into account because we are all different and there is no universal look which would suit all of us.

Most importantly, I never felt like myself with long hair and short hair shows my face a lot more. I love how I'm not hiding behind hair. Short hair speaks of a confident woman and that is too tough to handle for society. Ideally, women should either be submissive or have sexy flowing hair. Both are pleasing to men. A woman with short hair sends out the message that she does not care as much about what men think of her and that is naturally a problem for this world.

Even if I'm often suggested to grow hair long, most people agree my hairstyle looks good on me and the way people look at me since I've gone short, it definitely says I look way better now. It is only people's idea of a woman that makes them suggest so, to the point that some hate short hair on a woman but if they do, they are certainly not my type and neither am I theirs so if a guy tells you to grow hair long, tell him to find a woman with long hair rather than trying to change you, because if you feel like yourself with short hair and he hates it then chances are, he is going to have a problem with your personality too.

Image: Jennifer Lawrence

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