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What your pubic hairstyle says about you

10:47 AM

It's a universally known fact that men prefer women with long hair. Even if they go for a short-haired woman, they often tell their partners to grow hair long. But not all men, there are a few who actually prefer short hair on a woman. In the same way, women believe men prefer women to be completely hair-free down there. But again, there are men who don't share this belief.

Personally, I don't think I'd go for the hair-free look. I once attempted shaving it. I'd just started with a few hairs and then I realized I don't want this. I already knew I wouldn't want the clean look, because I think that would make me feel like a little girl. And I don't want that, for a number of reasons. The #1 reason is that I'm not a little girl so why would I want to look like one? Not to forget, little girls are shy and vulnerable and there is no way I'd want that. I'm not the only one who thinks this way. Some men also share my opinion and say that it's because of this reason that it makes them feel creepy.

Secondly, it's very unnatural. Why would you expect a grown up to have no hair down there? I think it's a sign of adulthood. I think I'd feel exposed without hair and you know, it's an important part of our body and definitely something to be protected. I think that's the reason we have been given so much hair in that area.

In the picture above you'll see my opinion on what your pubic hairstyle should be: For example, I feel a full bush, all natural, is most suited to someone with a rectangular body like mine. Trimmed hair is what I've chosen for plump women. A landing strip for someone slender and tall. Hairless is what I think would look best on hourglass women. A triangle for someone who has curves but the bust or the hips may not be as heavy as that of women with an hourglass figure.

Image: Blake Lively

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