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Change your look with color!

7:31 AM

While all of us care for our skin and hair and it's all needed, yet it doesn't give us the striking look we are after. One easy way to achieve this is a pop of color, whether in the way of a pink or red lipstick, a bright orange dress or red pumps. It changes the look like nothing else. People are likely to respond much more positively to you if there is some color because it's a sign of happiness and fun.

I especially feel a sky blue nail color or red/pink lip color or bright shoes livens up a black dress because it tells the world that you are sophisticated but not boring. An all-black look can make you seem boring, like you work too much or lie all on the couch all day. A red lip when added to an all-black ensemble can make you look extremely beautiful and it's best to keep it simple, sans any noticeable accessories. For a casual look, soft-colored nails and lips complement black clothes best.

I most love to wear something colorful when I know everybody would be dressed in black. While black is the classic, something off-beat, like a blue or green dress can divert all eyes towards you when everybody is dressed classically. It would obviously also make you seem more fun than others so only go for it if you want to be seen as fun. I love that tag.

Bright colored clothes make it look like there is more life in you, than if you were in blacks, whites or soft colors. And life attracts life, you know! Don't we all love to see a red dress or shoes? I wonder why so many of us go for safe choices and neutral colors when we could bring so much color to the world. It's not only that people like to see us colorful, but also that we feel better when we have a bright lip or dress on.

Image: Katherine Heigl

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