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Accessories to your rescue!

1:02 PM

When people want to look better, their focus generally goes to their clothing. Isn't it so? When you are feeling good and would like to look good as well, wouldn't you pick the best item from your wardrobe? And if you are looking to update your whole look, wouldn't you go shopping for clothes?

I agree clothes matter a great deal. They represent who you are, they catch the most attention and wearing our favorite clothes makes us feel better. But, I feel accessories matter more than they are thought to. I feel what clothes do the most is represent who we are, whether a tomboy or a free spirit or a living doll, but accessories play an equal role in making us look good. They can get you the right kind of attention if worn appropriately.

What more accessories can do is make up the look. If you are familiar with 'Get the look', they guide you from the beginning to the end of dressing up, starting with a dress and finishing with an accessory. If they say, finish the look by adding a black clutch or earrings or so, they aren't kidding. You can't Get the look by wearing the recommended dress but skipping the accessories. The accessories are what complete the look.

In addition, you can make your everyday clothes look stylish with accessories that go with them. Often people find that clothes don't look as good on them as they did on a model or a dummy. It mostly happens because of the lack of accessories as they make clothes look interesting. Clothes, however good, can be boring if there is no make-up or accessory or an interesting hair style or color. Even if you saw someone wearing a pretty dress alone on the beach or a cruise and it looked good, I doubt if it would suffice in everyday life, I think because in those scenarios the environment matches the accessory free and the natural make-up look. In the modern world, your look would be too boring without accessories. I feel they do more than make-up in making your look interesting as make-up can too easily look too much unless you are attending a party.

That being said, it's also not advisable to put on big earrings and a chunky necklace or ring at the same time. What you should be aiming at is driving attention to your best features, like I keep accessories minimal but used to love wearing beautiful bracelets and have now switched to a big flower punk ring as I like my hands. Another thing to be kept in mind is that you can wear a fancy bracelet and a matching necklace at the same time but the earrings should be small in this case as you don't want to stuff your face with too many accessories. The problem with wearing too many accessories or too many large ones at the same time is that it confuses the viewer as to where to look and you look overdone. It's best to have one pretty accessory at a time and keep others minimal.

Image: Jennifer Lawrence

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