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Why looking good is a necessity

3:24 AM

Yeah, I believe it's true. You might argue that if you are feeling low or have nothing to do, dressing up isn't going to make your day. But well, staying in your lounge wear isn't going to help either!

If you try it, you'll notice dressing up always makes you feel better. It's not only that. You won't attract life dressing like an ill person. If you dress up and put on a little make-up, you will naturally feel like going out or doing something. Even if not, I recommend people should be looking good at home as well. For one, you would be more lively if you look good and why should we dress up for outsiders only?

We know people respond to us more positively if we look good. We feel good when we go out and people complement us, smile at us and talk to us. There is no reason not to look good at home. Anyway, it's more important that we send a positive vibe to our family members and maintain good relations at home.

Obviously, it's not necessary that we are wearing a suit (men) or a tight dress (women) at home but neither is it nice to stay in your bathrobe or dull sleepwear all day. It's best to have pretty comfortable dresses to wear at home. You will be glad for having them. Many comfortable dresses have flowers and can be worn to parks with your kids and not just at home. They are perfect for a sunny day.

Though clothes and make-up can't make your day good on their own, they certainly can add to a good day. Often, people don't feel like doing anything if they have not taken a bath and not dressed well. It might not turn things around on its own, but it's the first step to making you and your loved ones feel better.

Image: Emma Watson

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