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Does having short hair changes life?

5:03 AM

I feel it does. And definitely for the better. When I had long hair, I felt restricted, I felt it's hiding my face and ever since I've gone short, I feel free, literally.

Quite a few psychological and social connotations can be derived from this. One is that women are oppressed and their freedom is kept in check. Of course, I'm not suggesting people did this intentionally, thinking women would be confined if they have long hair, but I think it's one of the reasons people don't like women cutting their hair short. It's subconscious.

Of course though, the most common reason people prefer women having long hair is that it's a clear sign of femininity. In a study, it was found that respondents preferred features which made it easier to tell whether a man is a man and if a woman is a woman, such as having an incredibly tiny waist, to the point of looking abnormal and unhealthy.

So, I suppose, one big reason why women won't go short is because it makes the mating game easier. But if you are thinking going short would reduce your attractiveness, I just won't agree. I have definitely felt more beautiful and can see it that people view me as more attractive than before. So, even though long hair can be made to look beautiful, in my opinion, it's the hair that looks good, not you. I think people look more beautiful in short hair. If you come to think of it, it's also more hygienic as keeping hair clean is no easy business.

I think having long or even medium length hair makes it difficult to do anything, to be active. You have to keep it tied all the time so it doesn't bother you. I just can't be concerned with all the hassle, with tying it everyday, with how it feels when you have it tied. And if you keep it open, it accumulates dirt, makes you feel warm and falls in front of your face while doing something, preventing you from seeing.

Having short hair makes me feel so free, like I've stepped out of a cage.

Image: Emma Watson

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