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Do oils change hair color?

12:01 PM

Oils have been replaced by conditioners in the modern world but us oil lovers can't do without them. Known to provide shine, strength and anything else the hair could need, oils have been regarded as essential by traditionalists. Natural hair coloring agents such as henna have been a lifesaver for those who want to stay away from chemicals but what about those who don't have white hair and yet wish to keep or change their hair color naturally? Can coffee or tea do it? Tomato Ketchup? I don't know about them but I've felt a change in my hair color every time I oil my hair.

I'm not saying oils can be used for coloring your hair. But you can use them to enhance the color you already have. I have found that transparent colored hair oils, such as coconut, make hair black while olive, almond and mustard make hair brown. For this reason, I avoid using colorless hair oils. I haven't yet found a hair oil which makes hair red. You could try a red oil for that purpose perhaps.

That's not all. I have seen mustard oil have an effect on white-haired ladies. Few of their hair have reflections of shiny blonde hair. Of course, it should also be taken into account that different yellow colored oils will give you different shades of brown or golden so you have to try different ones to find the one for you. I like using all yellow toned oils. In the same way, coconut oil may not give you the black you are striving for and you might have to try some other transparent oil.

Image: Taylor Swift

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