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Why do we crave junk food?

3:21 PM

It's funny, everything today is made to sound more complex than it is and solutions are found through extensive research. Take junk food cravings for example. Reading about the reasons scientists have found makes me laugh. According to them, craving for a particular food is not just hunger and they cite various reasons such as evolution, stress and unhappiness.

I disagree. This world will have you believe everything is complex, when it really is simple. Problems may be complex, but solutions certainly aren't. I have found myself craving for specific foods a few times, but it has reduced since my habits have gotten better.

I would feel like I've got to eat this, only this, nothing else would satisfy me. It's not true though as I've discovered on all occasions. Junk food cravings are in fact a result of heightened hunger. If you have them, at least you have got to try eating on time, having fuller, satisfying meals so you don't crave your favorite foods all the time.

The reason, I feel, is that your body is dissatisfied and thus it craves something very tasty so it could be satisfied. We often associate satisfaction of food with good taste and while I won't deny it's needed, satisfying the appetite is also necessary.

Image: Taylor Swift

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