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Why do we use cosmetics?

11:24 AM

Like home, clothes and food, cosmetics are a necessity today. Someone living without a face wash and body lotion, would be termed "uncivilized". Not just with women, cosmetics are gaining popularity among men as well. But is it only because they are starting to care more about their looks? Let's try to answer what are the other reasons for humans using cosmetics.

Often we are advised to change our creams and lotions, but many of us still refuse to, even if we have seen the suggested product to work better. Why do we? Isn't the aim of cosmetics making us look better?

We have all seen women who like to try every new product in the market. They just love to try the new products even if they don't run a blog on which they'll be writing reviews. It's their love of experimentation that excites them about every product launched. They like to test products and see how each works, whether it makes you feel cool or dries skin out. It's their way of having fun.

Most people use only their favorite cosmetics, citing their performance as the reason for using them. If you tell them shampoo B works better than their favorite shampoo A, they would give you any reason they could. They would say they have been using the shampoo for years and it suits them best or their scalp is sensitive and most shampoos spoil it. In reality, it could just be the smell or the overall experience of using the shampoo.

The smell, the brand, the packaging, how they make us feel, all play a role in making people choose a product. Favorite products are preferred like the spouse, children or pet are preferred over other people. Some people have a love of menthol so products with mint appeal to them. Many women have a love for flowers so they like every cosmetic containing essential oils of flowers. The same products would be disliked by men, for obvious reasons. I don't like much oil in my food so obviously I don't like them in my cosmetics either. I love oils for massaging and using essential oils so if a cosmetic feels just like them, I'd love it. If it's not like them, it'd feel sticky and I'd hate it.

Image: Emma Watson

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