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Is good health equivalent to being beautiful?

3:16 PM

Men and women care about health in different ways. According to studies, women visit the doctor more often and men have a shorter lifespan than women. They also die from diseases like heart attack, stroke and diabetes more than women.

When I look around, women are keener on taking medications, bathing every day and eating on time. Men, are however, keener on exercising. But you often see that men are either involved in jobs which requires them to be active or they are lazing around on the couch. Women generally do more household chores than men, thus making them more active. However, if they are not working, they may not be active enough or be sad enough to affect their health. In my opinion, while some men may appear to be healthier than women at a young age, they also ignore diet and bathing and smoke more, which makes them more prone to deadly diseases.

How is this relevant on a beauty blog though? I say it very much is. I feel beauty is directly proportional to health. If you are ill, you would look bad. In the same way, if one of your systems is weak, some part of your face would reflect it.

Your body is the same outside as it is on the inside, which is why, if you clean it from outside, the health improves and if you put garbage inside, it is what you'll have on the outside as well. Models and actors often look weak and pale without make-up. It is their hectic schedule and ignorance of sleeping well which shows clearly. If you are unhealthy, you can only look good with make-up. This is one of the reasons I don't like to cover up imperfections. The zits, the dryness and the blackheads drive me to work more on being healthy.

Image: Jennifer Lawrence

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