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Get the color right, baby!

2:05 PM

Red is one of the best colors in clothing, accessories and make-up. It brightens up your look instantly. It's a primary color and in some cultures black clothes are worn on funerals and white in others but obviously never red. Red is a party color which is also used heavily at weddings in some cultures. It sure grabs more attention than any other color.

Tip: Certainly use it to spice up your love life and certainly skip it while trying to pacify someone as it can increase anger and anxiousness.

Green signifies peace, nature and calmness. It has a cooling effect so it's perfect for use during hot weather, whether you wear it or paint your walls with it. It shows people you are close to nature and can handle unsettling situations.

Blue denotes authority, intelligence, peace and coolness. It's also the most popular color. This may be the reason behind the popularity of denims. Blue is not as statement-making as red, black and white and not as soft as pink, yellow and green while also giving the peace and calming effect of green. All this makes it perfect for everyday wear.

Orange tells people you are perky and happy and always ready for fun and parties. It shows that you love to live and enjoy your life. Motto: "I'm full of life, afraid of no one and nothing can ruin my fun". It's also the color of the youth.

Yellow spells happiness. Think peace, serenity, the shining sun. Wearing yellow could also the world you are on the unconventional side since it's the least popular color.

Black is better suited for the night. It is a nighttime color. I love to wear black but I've noticed it looks more appropriate at night, especially in summer as black absorbs heat. You would feel hotter wearing darker colors in the sun and so would onlookers.

White is a daytime color. It's also a summer color as it would keep you cooler and give the people looking at you a better feel. It's also not a party color though it could make you look like an angel. The color represents purity and truthfulness.

Pink is of course, a feminine color and gives off a soft vibe. Though being girly does not mean being weak. A short pink dress paired with black leggings balances the look and a maxi pink dress might as well scream, "I'm a woman and still powerful!". Wearing pink means embracing your femininity, like you are telling the world how much you love being a woman.

Image: Anne Hathaway

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