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Are shower gels and natural soaps better than regular soap bars?

12:43 PM

Soap bars are more common in the world while shower gels are a sign of modernity. Which one is better? Is there a definite answer?

I think anyone who can afford a body wash or shower gel prefers them. Not just afford money wise, but also afford to spend time and enjoying the rich lather shower gels provide. I personally prefer shower gel over body wash and soap as body wash is creamy and I have a number of reasons to dislike using soap bars.

#1 It's no fun holding a bar in your hand and rubbing it over your body when you could use a loofah.
#2 Liquids look better. Transparent, colored shampoos and shower gels look better than soap.
#3 Using shower gels and body washes make you feel richer than using soaps would.

But it's not that I don't like any soaps. I just don't like the creamy, chemical ones which seem to strip off the skin's natural oils. I feel shower gels don't do it. I only like natural soaps which don't seem to strip off the oils either. Plus, they don't give you the chemical treatment regular soaps do.

White soaps and body washes are like vanilla, so I don't like them. Natural soaps, which are often handmade, contain nature's blessings like jasmine, rose or fruits which makes them smell heavenly and feel good on the body.

But I'm yet to reveal the top reason because of which I'd always prefer natural soaps and shower gels, something I've discovered recently. My reason is that something that makes you feel better is better for your health. Like, you might watch tv, if you are too lazy to do anything else to entertain yourself, but it doesn't leave you feeling good. Thus, it's not good for your health. Natural soaps and shower gels, especially ones which also contain some natural ingredients even if they aren't 100% natural, make me feel much better than regular soaps do. Thus, in my opinion, they are better for health. Even shower gels which don't contain anything natural though, also make me feel better than regular soaps.

So, I'd always go for shower gels or natural soaps. Which one do you prefer? Post your comments below to share how soaps, shower gels and body washes make you feel.

Image: Emma Stone

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