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What's this fuss about organic cosmetics?

9:53 AM

Lots of products these days claim to be 100% natural or at least have some natural ingredients. What is the reason though, behind many consumers going for these? Well, I suppose people feel better knowing they aren't treating their bodies to chemicals and are staying close to nature and like the smell but what are the other reasons? Let us explore some of them.

Personally, I sometimes go for natural products because I like the feel and smell of them. Even if they don't even say they are '100% natural', I still prefer them because they are usually transparent and thus more fun using than the generally creamy, white products. Even if they are creamy and white, they smell better.

Those are my reasons but people who only use 100% natural products or at least the ones without parabens etc. do so because according to them, chemicals are harming. Do I agree or disagree? Well, I can't do either because who knows? There is also a new trend of chucking shampoos completely and going for baking soda to clean hair. I wouldn't go for anything like that. I like shampoos, shower gels and soaps. But could they really be harming? I say there is a possibility but not for the reasons I generally hear.

I have heard that they harm the skin, getting rid of body's natural oils and also harm the hair but I'm more of the opinion that they could be harming health. I feel what you apply on your skin goes inside. Why else do massages improve health so much? I can feel them sink in and sometimes I can even feel the taste of the products I use on face.

I'm not sure if chemicals harm the skin and hair, but I at least feel mineral make-up must be less harming than the regular make-up. Otherwise as well, chemicals could be harming, I have no clue. I'm a nature loving person and prefer natural stuff over man-made. Nature is wonderful but also, the world keeps evolving. I'm not sure if things like baking soda can clean as well as shampoos and shower gels. I guess this will remain a debate in progress.

What are your views? Would you use pumpkin to cleanse your body every day?

Image: Taylor Swift

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