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How to choose the right bra for you

12:10 PM

Most of us give a lot thought to choosing the right type of clothing, but even if we wear good clothes that suit us, little errors can spoil our look. One of the common little errors is wearing the wrong bra.

What is a wrong bra? It could be an ill-fitting one, it could be of the wrong color or shape. Let me give you a small useful guide on choosing one.

Based on color:
How much could the color of your bra affect your look? A lot I say. A bra can spoil your whole look if it shows through and the color of your bra could have a lot to do with it.

White bras are the best for white tops and dresses, black bras being the best for black tops and dresses. Why? White could shine under black and vice-versa, especially under bright lights, including sunlight or a camera flash.

For neutral colored clothing, go for light colored bras for light colored clothes and dark colored bras for dark colored clothes.

Based on neck:
Your choice of bra could also depend on the neck of your clothing. Tops and dresses with wide necks require a bra with wide straps so you don't have to adjust it all the time. In the same way, it's better to wear a bra with normal-width straps with clothing which do not have a wide neck, as they are more comfortable.

If your clothing has a deep neck, a demi bra gives better fit and makes you feel sexier as a bonus. However, the outlines of a demi bra could show in a tight t-shirt or a high neck top. In that case, you'll need a full coverage bra.

Based on thickness:
To avoid the outline of the cups from showing, you also need to match the thickness of your top to the thickness of your bra. A padded bra is better suited to a fabric of high thickness, while it could show through a thin garment. So if you are wearing a thin t-shirt, it's better to wear a non-padded one.

Image: Scarlet Johansson

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