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Hair: The Deal Breaker (or maker!)

11:58 AM

Could we agree on one aspect of beauty which is undoubtedly the most important? Some say it's the clothes, others that it's the skin, make-up etc.

In my opinion, it is the hair. Whether we are talking about the hairstyle or hair removal, it is the hair that can totally transform your look, more than anything else. No one would question whether you look beautiful or not, if your hair does and if you at least don't have much hair on your face. As it is, your face needs to look beautiful more than your body and it is the hair which complements your face.

A hairstyle can define how you look on its own and hair removal, though often ignored, matters more than skin and make-up. Changing your hairstyle changes your look the most. Whether you want to look more confident, feminine or fun, nothing can do it like your hairstyle can.

And in the same way, hair removal can transform your look more than most people assume. Especially facial hair removal. Eyebrows are a big part of this. Thick eyebrows can give your personality more depth and make you look more interesting. Thin eyebrows can make you look more beautiful but go too thin and you end up looking unnatural. Go too thick and you'll look wild or ungroomed. The idea should not only be to make them appear normal and natural, but also to suit your specific face shape. Other than that, you can easily look much more beautiful by removing or bleaching the rest of your facial hair.

Image: Scarlet Johansson

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