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Embracing natural beauty

9:50 AM

Women's natural and unnatural beauty drives many different opinions which almost lead to fights, whether among beauty experts or couples. Often, people who color their hair with crazy colors receive criticism or strange stares. Few of us embrace our natural beauty by going for bold eyebrows while most women go for pencil-thin eyebrows, which may or may not be liked by other women, but is generally disliked by men.

How much is too much then? How do we know if we have crossed the “natural” line and stepped over to looking unnatural? Are there any benefits to looking either way? Let us try to answer these.

While I'm all for natural looking eyebrows, I don't quite appreciate ungroomed eyebrows, which grow wildly and give many a unibrow. I'd say there is more beauty in less hair but we don't want to look like plastic dolls, do we? I've seen women who hardly look human because of having no hair on their arms and also girls who like babies because of having no hair on their legs. But obviously, females don't want to look like men or like animals. I've also heard of women who got angry at their boyfriends' request of pubic hair removal, saying they are adult women, not little girls.

It is subject to personal choice but I'd recommend going by personal hair growth. If you have fine, blonde hair on your body, it's not quite necessary to remove it. However, if you have thick black hair, it'd be advised to at least trim or bleach it. That's about body hair. Facial hair is best removed, though you could keep eyebrows thick, only having to groom them so they make you look more beautiful. Facial hair, other than upper lip and chin can be kept though. And it's not even necessary to bleach it, if it's not too much or too dark.

A photographer took pictures of women's armpit hair and I must say they look quite interesting. Though obviously, he is a photographer, so he knows how to take beautiful pictures.

Image: Jennifer Lawrence

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