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Waxing tips

12:29 PM

My experience with waxing was different this time. I was able to wax my legs easily, without finding the task to be messy and skin damaging.

The key is to follow the instructions properly. I'm using a herbal hot wax at the moment. While I did find this wax to be a good one when I tried it before, I was not impressed by the messiness of waxing.

This time, I tried different methods to heat the wax and also heated it for longer. First, I heated the wax tin directly on flame. While it did melt the wax, it also spoiled the container a bit. The second time, I took a bit of wax in a pan and heated it but it melted too much and then became cold too soon. The third time, I followed the instructions on the pack, which suggest putting the wax tin in a pan, pouring some water in it and heating it. Both the pan and the container are supposed to have lids on during the process.

This did the job perfectly. It melted the wax just right, leaving it with a butter like consistency. The wax also didn't become hard and cold too soon, because the tin stayed in hot water the whole time.

Another thing I noticed is that almost any wax can give you red bumps. There is only one way to prevent it, i.e., to apply after waxing and threading gel immediately after waxing. And you cannot even wait until you have done one whole leg. At least I can't because people with sensitive skin can't. So, if waxing spoils your skin, either you should be using a better wax or applying an after hair removal product right after stripping hair off.

Image: Taylor Swift

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