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Personal experience with olive oil

10:20 AM

I don't like olive oil that much personally. It's sticky and has a normal oil scent, nothing to be liked. But if something doesn't smell or feel to your liking, is that reason enough to stop using it?

Hell no! In fact, olive oil is a must have for all the beauties who use face masks and oils and body lotions twice a day. Because, olive oil can treat dry skin in one night, or more of course, depending on the level of dryness. And it also can give you shiny, soft, lustrous hair in one night. All in one magical night!

It's supposed to also treat stretch marks and scalp issues and many other skin and hair problems, but I'm yet to try it for anything except for dry skin, nails, itchy scalp and hair. While it did definitely make hair shiny and soft in one trial and healed dry skin overnight and made nails shinier and stronger, I cannot give any conclusion on its application for scalp problems.

My personal favorite is almond oil, for its scent and efficiency in everything, from hair to digestion to sleep to relaxation...ahh, I can keep going but this article is about olive oil so I'll stop. Another reason though why I like almond oil is because you can easily keep it on skin for hours and hours but it's hard to let olive or mustard oil stay on for longer than 30 minutes.

One thing I felt about olive oil is that it's less warmer than almond and mustard oil so it's better to use the latter two when the weather is cold and the former when it's hot. It's what I feel. Do write in your experiences and opinions below.

Image: Angelina Jolie

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