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Boredom: The deadly disease

11:58 AM

Boredom is a killer. Humans do all sorts of things to avoid boredom. Prevention includes watching movies, talking and various simple activities. Cure includes going for vacations, dates or doing something crazy.

What makes us bored then? Is it just doing boring activities? How are we when we are bored? Let's try to answer some of these questions.

When we are bored, we are lazy and lathargic or you could say being lazy makes us bored. While obviously indulging for too long in boring activities can bore us, like doing the laundry or some repetitive task like copywriting, I have found that being healthier makes us less bored, like taking a bath or exercising. You might even find these tasks boring, but you will feel less bored once you are done.

Though of course, the boredom threshold is different for different people. I feel it depends on the type of activities you did in your first 20 years, with the first 10 mattering more.

There is another thing I have found about boredom. We often see people changing channels when watching tv or listening to radio. Those people are the most bored and ironically, the more often you change channels, the more likely you are to become even more bored.

Being bored is being still. If you move your body or your mind, you will be less bored.

Image: Emma Watson

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