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Beating Insomnia

1:16 PM

All of us have heard or read about tips on sleeping better. But some of us are not able to sleep well even after following the tips. I suppose most of us assume it has got something to do with our minds, like being tensed or anxious. While I would not completely disagree, but I feel insomnia can be overcome with a healthier lifestyle.

Trust me on this, because I'm writing from personal experience. There was a time when I could hardly sleep and recently my sleep wasn't satisfactory. I feel there is something wrong with your body if you are unable to sleep. While sometimes it does happen that I can't stop thinking at sleep time or I just don't want to sleep because the day was boring, adopting healthier habits really can help sleep better. It may also be because your mind functions better when your body does too.

Think of all the simple things that you could easily do to be healthier, like starting your day with a glass of water or lime water and the things you could do during the day like exercising, playing sports, bicycling, bathing, talking etc.

All these help because spending time with people and physical activity gives you less time for thinking and makes you happier and thus healthy as well. You are more likely to have a sound sleep when your mind is satisfied so it also helps to do something new, something enjoyable or exciting. Being tired can also help, so try incorporating both physical and mentally stimulating activities in your day.

Going out, getting fresh air, even something as simple as a walk, getting sunlight help immensely. I find sunlight to be more helpful than many other sleep better tips.

What I find to be most helpful is scrubbing though, a long bath using a scrub on the whole body, at whatever time of the day. I have found that it gives me the best sleep. Though I'd recommend a warm water bath for night.

The last thing I'd suggest are oils. Whether you massage your head and hair or any part of the body, it definitely helps in getting better sleep.

Image: Kristen Stewart

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