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Difference between Bath oil, Massage oil, Traditional oil and Essential oil

10:21 AM

The variety in all things in life is increasing. While it's a good thing now more products are available and there is something for everyone, the increase in options makes it tough to choose.

Take, for example, oils. We have all heard of the benefits of traditional oils like coconut, almond, olive etc. But now, there are all sorts of oils like massage oils, bath oils, specialized hair oils and essential oils.

Today, I'm going to tell you give you a brief account of some of these to make it easier for you to choose.

The first thing to know is that they are all different, none is better than the other. You can compare them, but only to figure which one will suit you best.

Traditional oils are multi-purpose. You can use them for the scalp, hair, massage, wounds etc. Still among them, you'll find that one may suit you better than the other. Like, I don't like to use coconut oil on my sensitive facial skin while there are many people who speak of the glow coconut oil brings to their face. I also don't like to use coconut oil on my hair because it probably gives hair strength, but I was born with dark brown hair and coconut oil makes it black, so I don't like the appearance it gives to my hair. I love its smell though, sometimes I use it solely for its fragrance.

I have used mixed hair oils, like those which have coconut oil, wheatgerm oil etc. and those who claim to give you beautiful hair after being kept just for 30 minutes. While they do what they promise, I prefer pure oils over them by far.

Essential oils are the most amazing. Their efficiency is astonishing. They are the ones you should be using if you are looking to treat specific conditions such as dry skin, infections, scars, stretch marks, depression, anxiety, nervousness etc. You can find out which oil treats your specific disorders on the Internet or on the products themselves.

Bath oils are designed to be relaxing more than anything else. Depending on which one you get, they can energize, rejuvenate, refresh or relax you. They are likely to be aromatic. Essential oils can also be used as bath oils. The difference is that, bath oils can be nourishing and moisturizing to the skin. A healthy amount of bath oils can be added to the bath, while a few drops of essential oil are enough.

Massage oils are of course best for massaging. They are the best for getting rid of body aches. I'd say they are better than traditional oils for this purpose. They are also likely to be very aromatic. I have sandalwood massage oil and it energizes me, improves sleep and makes skin more beautiful.

I find massage oils and bath oils to be the most relaxing. They help me sleep better. Oils like olive, coconut, almond, massage oils and bath oils are all pleasantly smelling, but essential oils can greatly vary. Obviously, if you get something like jojoba or jasmine oil, it would smell heavenly but you can't say the same about others.

So, now you know which oil to purchase the next time you go shopping. Traditional oils if you are looking for a multi-purpose one, massage oils if you are looking to relieve tension and beautify skin, bath oils if you would like to take aromatic baths and essential oils for specific ailments. The most important thing is to find information about them, whether beforehand or on the spot. The packaging of oils state what they are made for.

Image: Emma Watson

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