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Beauty & Style

11:02 AM

Ever been confused about how you look because people give different opinions? While, it could simply be that they have different opinions, it can also be another battle between beauty and style.

Being beautiful and being stylish are two completely different sides of looking good. Fair skin tone, limited accessories and blue eyes are all associated with beauty. Tanning and big or colorful accessories add an element of style and interest to your look.

For example, many people are told they look with glasses but either they themselves or certain others disagree. Why is it that one thing looks good to one person but not to the other. Like I said before, it can be that they personally prefer a certain thing on you, but in this case it's because people look more beautiful without glasses and more interesting with them on.

Beauty and elegance are all good, especially if you are taking part in a beauty contest. But in the real world, blonde can be boring, so can plain black be. My idea here is not to tell you to change your hair color or to wear colored contact lenses.

My suggestion would be that it's best to mix it up. Depending on where you are going, decide whether you want to look beautiful or interesting on a given day.

Beauty: none to few and small accessories, fair skin, light colored clothing, footwear in one color
Style: colorful/big/many accessories, tanned skin, dark colored clothing, footwear having more than one color

Image: Jennifer Lawrence

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