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How your hair color attracts men

8:29 AM

Thinking of going blonde? Hate your boring black hair? You might first want to find out what they say about your personality. A drastic change like this can make people look at you in a completely different way.

In my opinion, blonde represents beauty the most. Brown represents brains and Red represents a wild child.If you are in a relationship or looking for a mate, your hair color will have a big effect on how men respond to you and what kind of men you meet.

While it could be said you'll more beautiful as a blonde, it will also make you appear all femme - soft, needy, weak, clingy, caring about looks above all else, definitely not a career woman and for some, a gold digger. No wonder a study reported men preferring brunettes over blondes and red-haired women. I feel men would find it easier to handle brunettes than both blondes and red heads.

Red heads, of course, come across as mood-changing, wild, unstable, not dependable like a grown-up. Not only childish, but also demanding, egotistic, short-tempered, someone unlikely to attempt to sustain a relationship. Red heads are also seen as loners and anti-social.

Both red heads and blondes come across as demanding while brunettes are expected to be more able to compromise and try to work a relationship out rather than cheating on their partner or breaking up.

Black haired women are seen as most mystical and sexy. However, they require more maintenance than blonde or brown hair because both they look incredibly dull if they have lost sheen. I did not include red hair because if you have them, most likely you got them colored and if you get your hair colored, red is the hardest to take care of. It wears off faster than all other hair colors.

Image: Emma Watson

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