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Why too many (or too few) nail color coats can spoil your party

10:49 AM

Topping your nail varnish with 2-3 coats to make it more pigmented and shiny? I know it's fun. Mastering the look in one stroke is tough. And not all of us use a base coat or a top coat to make it look better and last longer. However you have done with the first coat, you can get away with it, as long as it was smooth. But I'll tell you one reason because of which it's better to save that polish.

Your nail color is least likely to chip or smudge if you have applied one coat only. Though of course, how safe you are depends on the thickness of your varnish. The thicker it is, the more likely it is to be spoiled, whether you make it thicker by applying coats over coats or if it's thick in itself. Also keep in mind that the older your polish is, the thicker it gets.

I meet a lot of women who would rather have many cheap polishes than a few quality ones. But it's highly recommended to use quality polishes. Not only do they look better but are also much easier to apply. The cheap polishes also spoil your nails, especially your natural nail color.

You might ask why you need to keep your nails good in color when they are drenched in polish everyday. The answer:
1. It's a must to remove nail color at least once a week and keep it color free for a whole day.
2. If a nail polish is spoiling the natural color of your nails, it's not good for your health.
3. If your nails don't have a good natural color, nail polishes won't look as good, just as it happens with lips.

Too few

Applying too few nail color coats can also lead to chipped nails quickly. It all depends on how thick your nail color is. In my experience, Revlon nail polishes are thick so they stay for longer if you have one coat on. In contrast, Maybelline nail polishes are thinner, easier to apply, less likely to chip if two coats are used. Maybelline is better I feel. Thin varnishes glide smoothly and stay on for longer.

Image: Kate Hudson

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