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Which lip color is the one for you?

10:42 AM

There are several approaches to choosing lip color. The most popular one among ladies is matching lip color to your dress. While most celebrities wear the same shade every time they are seen in public. They like to show their style, their personality and some do it so they look their best everyday.

What's your style then? Well, obviously I'm not writing this post for those who match their lip color with their dress. My advise is useless for them. I'm after those who are building their personal style, however similar or different to other people.

One way to tell which color looks best on you (without trying every shade available in the market) is getting a few sketch pens and trying them on you. Yes it works! You can even paint your lips in different shades at the same time. This will enable you to see what color brings out which side of your personality.

Another way is to go by the occasion. Nude lip color is best recommended for work. Red for weddings and red carpet events while pink for everyday wear and fuchsia for party. But of course this doesn't mean you can't look good in nude lip color at a party or in red at work.

It's just that nude gives you the look of a professional woman, so you won't look the most fun person to be when you are wearing it. And if you wear red at work, you'll have to tone it down to dark red (not vampire red though) rather than bright red.

You can make any color party worthy with lip glosses. Most lip glosses are low in pigmentation so they can be worn everyday or over a lipstick at a party or wedding.

Image: Hayden Panettiere

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