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To judge a book by its cover

7:33 AM

Ever been the supermarket and bought the best looking shower gel or moisturizer? Or face wash? Or are you the types who reads ingredients or read online reviews?

Could there be any benefit to buying beautiful cosmetics?

I'm sure most would disagree but I think it does. I compare the cosmetics I have and find that the ones who look better work better too.

You might argue that you have purchased some good looking product and found it useless. I wouldn't say that can't happen or even that it hasn't happened with me. But, I feel if a product is perfect for you, so will it look be. I mean, if something looks good to everybody but not to you, chances are, it won't work for you.

And in the same way, if something looks good to you, it is likely to work for you. Think about it. Suppose you are looking for a matte shadow then aren't you the person who also likes the look of a matte shadow more than a shimmery one?

If you did purchase the best looking product and it didn't work for you, then most probably you didn't get to compare a product which would actually work for you.

Image: Adele

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