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Reverse psychology of short hair

6:13 AM

As you may have heard your hair says this this about you, the reverse also works.

That is, if short hair makes a person seem confident and trendy and brave, you will become confident, trendy and brave if cut get a short haircut. That's right, you will feel confident, act confident and thus become confident.

What else short hair makes you seem? Cool, professional, you have a career and aren't afraid to go against social norms. Manly did anyone say? That depends on the type of your cut, because it is possible to look feminine with short hair, but yes, it does mean you have a masculine side.

Come on, it doesn't mean you are a man. There are different types of masculine and feminine traits. Confidence is a manly trait. Being out going and having a career is manly. So is being independent.

It also means you are low-maintenance and would be ready to head out at a moment's notice. Yeah, you might have long hair and be some or all of these, but your look doesn't say it.

So, why not cut hair short if you are confident and like to go out spontaneously? Or if you want to be that person?

Image: Taylor Swift

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