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Personal experience with almond oil

4:53 AM

In my opinion, oils bring heaven on earth. In this world, where life is becoming more and more hectic, nothing provides more relief conveniently than oils. All it requires is some time and a little effort. If someone told me some oil is expensive, I wouldn't agree because their benefits largely outweigh their price.

I used almond oil this morning and the head massage relaxed my whole body. In previous experiences, even an ear massage alone relaxed the whole body.

It makes hair lustrous and brown, in my case. Though it should be noted that I had brown hair in childhood and it wasn't totally black before I started using almond oil either.

The message also gives me energy and I've noticed that if I add 2-3 drops of almond oil to warm milk, it makes me sleepy. So, it's really beneficial to drink this before bed time.

I feel that the use of almond oil, whether by massaging or consuming, improves overall health.

I have not seen much proof of its benefit on skin though. Only that the hand which was massaged looks a little shinier and supple than the other hand, even after washing a few times. Though I guess you'd expect this much with any oil.

Image: Angelina Jolie

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