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How tweezing changed my life

9:31 AM

Tweezing changed my life. This is not something everybody can understand, but I suppose a lot of women can, because we are always trying to find the best suitable hair removal method. Most women simply pay a visit to a beauty salon and get their waxing and threading done, whether routinely or not. But I'm not among them. I don't like salons. Sometimes they are enjoyable. But at least threading never is, even though I mostly like the result and it rarely causes too much discomfort or marks.

I have just never liked anybody touching my face or telling me to pull it. I have found tweezing to be easy from the moment I tried it. Of course, it's time consuming, but I like having total control over the shape of my brows. The end result, beautiful eyebrows make me feel proud. Not only at that time but every time I see my face in the mirror.

The pros:
It costs less. Not having to rush to the salon. Can be done whenever you are free, every week if you wish. How exactly you want your eyebrows to be is in your hands.

The cons:
Time consuming. Tiring (but then pulling eyebrows for threading is too). You may not be able to reach the desired result the first few times but I'll guarantee you can master it one day.

Earlier, I used to wet a towel with warm water and rub it on the area with hair before tweezing. Today though, I applied almond oil and it made it much easier to tweeze. No bumps. After tweezing, I use the after waxing and threading gel I have.

Image: Adele

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