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#1 reason you look good (or bad)

4:46 AM

What matters the most when it comes to looking good? Hairstyle? Flawless skin? Right make-up? Beauty regimen? Diets? Great stylists? Your shampoo?

You must have guessed the answer is none of these, according to me. Health it is. Your health is what makes you beautiful, what makes you glow naturally.

How related is health to beauty then? More than most people think. It's not just that sweating gets rids of toxins, thus making your skin clear or sleep rejuvenating your whole body.

Whatever blemish your face has, whether it's acne, dryness, wrinkle or discoloration, it's an indicator of something being wrong with your health.

And you don't need to be a scientist to know what it is indicating or simply follow a strict diet or start jogging because you have a zit.

Specific areas connote problems in specific organs. Your lips tell you what condition your digestive system is in. Cheeks point out issues in the lungs while your under eye area signifies trouble in the kidneys and/or mineral imbalance.

Image: Amy Adams

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