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Nature's call

11:12 AM

6:30 am? Wondering why you are up when your alarm hasn't gone off yet? It's nature's call baby. Whether it's 6 or 8, you ought to wake up the first time your sleep breaks off.

Just like you get a nature's call for pee, you get one for starting your day as well.

You can see the logic in it any way you want. It can be linked to spirituality, saying you get what you want and need and god wakes you up when it's best for you.

It can also be that your body is telling you it's time to get up.

Scientifically speaking, interrupted sleep is no good for you. If you don't wake up by yourself, you are supposed to get up when your alarm goes off. However your sleep is interrupted, your body will try to shift from a state of rest to alertness. Trying to go back to sleep reduces your alertness in the day.

Go ahead, try it. You'll feel better if you leave the bed at first interruption rather than starting your day after a snooze.

Image: Emma Watson

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