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Is her style yours too?

10:15 AM

When you are figuring which hairstyle is perfect for you, you would usually see a great look, someone looking awesome with a hairstyle to match and wonder if you can have the same hair. Then you would visit the stylist and get it done. If it works for you, well great, but if you are dissatisfied like most, you are left wondering what you did wrong. When that hairstyle looked great on a celebrity, you tried to copy, why doesn't it look good on you?

A lot of aspects come into play. Face shape, hair thickness and also personality. Like, if someone was born with wavy, silky hair, a hairstyle within wavy hair texture is most likely to suit such a person.  But if they go for curls or dead straight hair, there are high chances of it not suiting for some reason or the other. Even if the hair looks great, it may not look good to everybody, if it doesn't go with the personality.

When you are seeing a hairstyle that looks great, it's not only that they have a good stylist and maintain their hair but also that it goes with their personality.

When you look at a hairstyle, try to figure what it says about the person. It may not be easy when you see someone in person, so try this on images first. For example, if you search for hairstyles of a celebrity, you can see them with different hairstyles and how it makes their personality seem different. If you like a hairstyle and what it says about the personality of the person is what you would like people to think about your personality, then you can go for it.

Image: Hayden Panettiere

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