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Dry skin?

11:17 AM

Before I start, I'd like to inform you that I'm not providing a solution for dry skin, a homemade pack, an oil or anything like that which promises to heal dry skin in a jiffy. I'm only here to provide information about something that dries skin out.

Most often, we change our moisturizers when our skin dries out. Even soaps and shower gels. But do we notice it's actually something else?

Water. Water is the real culprit.

What's the solution then? It's not like we can stop using water, is it? What we can do, is use it less. Use it less. Stay wet for a shorter duration.

Like when I was taking a bath day before yesterday in the evening, I washed my legs with soap and then wiped them with a towel, before wetting the upper half body and cleaning it. No, not quite to reduce skin dryness, but only because winter is here. But it can also be done to avoid after-bath-dryness.

That's not all. We all know washing with warm water dries skin out more than cold water does. It makes more of a difference than most of us realize. You really don't need a moisturizing soap/body wash if you can use cold water for bathing. What am I suggesting then? To bathe with cold water in chilly winters?

Well, it really isn't that hard to use cold water for washing, until it gets really cold. It's easier than we think. Mostly, you'd only feel cold during the bath. But of course you can only do that during the day.

Question: Is it easier for your fellow family/locality members to wash hands and body with cold water than  you?
If yes, it is an indication of your health being worse than them and in such a case, boy you need to do something about it.

Images: Hayden Panettiere, Scarlet Johansson

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