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Why wear diamond?

11:59 AM

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. White gold and platinum are also popular today. Pure gold is a bit old fashioned. Plastic gold are a teenager's best friend.

Am I here to discuss jewellery trends? Not quite.

I'd advice to wear silver jewellery, no matter what's popular. It's what I like as well. I personally prefer white gold and silver. Why I'm advising silver jewellery is because they kill germs.

In ancient India, women used to wear heavy silver jewellery for this very reason. What an easy way to be healthy.

I don't know if you know how important it is to kill them. What I have found out over recent months is that it's more important to eliminate the negativity of our body and mind than to add positive. Not only because it's the negative which causes stress and illness but also because it's after the negative is gone that the positive finds space to be in. We go on following diets, adding veggies and fruits, finding it hard and trying again. But if we really want to be healthy, it's more important to get rid of the toxins which cause infections.

You can go any way about it. Exercising, dancing, aerobics, jogging...all make us sweat which gets rid of our toxins. Wearing silver jewellery is just another way of doing it. Why wear diamond when you can be healthy, wealthy and wise with silver?

Image: Emma Watson

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