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Match your personality with hairstyle

10:56 AM

Browsing beauty sites to find the perfect hairstyle for you? Are all of them telling you that you need to know your exact face shape and chose your hairstyle according to it? Rubbish. No wonder it all confuses you.

If you ask me, the No#1 thing you need to keep in mind when choosing a hairstyle is your personality. That's right. Your personality.

Who do you think you are?

Are you fun, romantic and feminine? Think tousled waves.

Are you fun but not so feminine? You could go for shorter waves, like in a bob.

Are you carefree and like to grab attention? Go for curls baby!

Are you artistic, different and like to set trends? (this one is my favorite) Short hair.

Do you like to be simple and casual and yet not boring? Straight, layered hair is the way for you.

Are you stubborn and like routine? Stick straight hair is your thing then.

That's all. I have written short sentences to make it simple for anyone to choose their hairstyle rather than getting bored reading long articles trying to figure what to do with their hair.

But I wouldn't say you have to forget all you have read about hairstyles related to face shape. Of course your face shape does determine whether or not a hairstyle suits you. I just said personality comes first. Face shape is secondary but it's also important. Now that you know which hairstyle represents your personality, look for the one which also fits your face shape in the category.

Image: Emma Roberts

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