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Biggest beauty faux pas

2:29 PM

Dirty hair? Blackheads? Is there anything worse than them? Yeah, there is. Chipping nail polish. Nothing looks worse than it.

The other day I was in crowd and I was looking for someone to talk to. I liked a girl's sandals, comfortable yet stylish, something like what I was looking for. But then I saw her nails and changed my mind.

Trust me, wearing no nail polish is far better than chipping nail polish. Compare nails with no nail color and chipping nail color and you'll know what I'm talking about. I bet you too don't feel like talking to someone whose nail polish is chipping. (I'm not kidding)

If you can't maintain proper nail color, it would be so much better to go colorless. Not like you can never wear color, but it's a must to remove it when it starts chipping. While it's not necessary to reapply. In such a case, you can add color with rings, bracelets, bangles and the like. Anyway, it is recommended to keep nails color free for a day after keeping them colored for a week.

Image: Carey Mulligan

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