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Ain't feeling beautiful?

1:09 PM

It can happen with most of us that we are told we look good yet don't feel beautiful. In fact, most good looking people don't agree with their admirers. When this happens, we would most likely think of updating our style, changing wardrobe or using more make-up. We may also look at pictures of people, celebrities or otherwise, whose look we appreciate and think we are going to be satisfied with our look when we look like them, whether we are eyeing their hairstyle or skin or something else.

What are the real reasons though? And how to overcome them?

I know of two possible reasons. Most likely, at least one of them is applicable to anyone not feeling beautiful.

Before disclosing them, I'd like to tell you that you can 'feel beautiful' whether or not you look beautiful. Many people look good but don't feel it and many others don't look good but feel so.

Feeling and not feeling beautiful comes down to two factors. One is grooming, the other one is mind.

Grooming is the cleaning part of looking good. Hygiene. It's associated with bathing, oiling, combing, brushing hair, washing face etc. You definitely would feel more beautiful if you focus more on hygiene. I can guarantee this as I'm speaking from personal experience. Things that definitely make me feel beautiful are talc, wet hair, bathing and face washing. A total sense of cleanliness, from head to toe, makes me feel beautiful.

Image: Emma Roberts

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