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After waxing rituals

11:51 AM

Most women either stay away from waxing or experience redness, itching or burns after waxing. While I wouldn't say I find waxing to be the perfect hair removal method, there are ways to make it useful and bearable. I have had different types of waxing experiences. What I disliked the most was the after effect, the skin not looking good after waxing. It looks even worse when hair starts growing back. The stupid little hair look like blackheads.

Though not all ladies experience that problem. If you have fine hair, especially fine blonde body hair then you wouldn't get waxing blackheads. And I'd like to tell others that this problem may disappear for them, because waxing makes hair grow back finer.

Now onto the aim of this article. I wouldn't normally take a bath after waxing, but by coincidence I got a chance to get it done before bath. And it resulted in me finding out something useful for us girls. I used an apricot scrub that day and it got rid of the redness waxing had caused and it didn't result in bumps like my previous waxing experiences.

That's it then! Scrub after waxing. Hopefully it will help all those who wax. Thanks for reading!

Image: Isla Fisher

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