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7 oils for skin and hair

2:06 PM

We know all oils are good. Popular oils can be used for massaging, they are all good for skin and hair in different ways but each has a specific function. When we want to know which one is good for what, we have to search and read on and on about them on different pages on the net. To make it easier, I have put together a list of oils with their benefits for skin and hair. Who needs to know their whole mechanism? How they do their work, whether by removing dead cells or because of some vitamin they have?

Almond oil
Dry skin (including facial skin)
Dark circles (before bed)
Puffy eyes (before bed)
Stretch marks
Silky hair

Coconut oil
Tired feet
Skin infections
Thick hair

Olive oil
For supple skin
Make-up remover (with cotton)
Strong hair

Emu oil
Voluminous hair

Argan oil
Blemished skin
Deep conditioning hair

Castor oil
Manageable hair
Katie's great article about using castor oil on face

Mustard oil
Shiny skin (half an before bathing)
Itchy scalp
Skin infections

Image: Taylor Swift

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