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Jockey fits nothing

1:00 PM

Jockey's popularity amazes me. It is a recognized clothing brand in 120 countries. It's products look good, feel soft but whatever I purchase of the brand never fits me! I have tried Jockey tank tops, bra and underwear and although I liked wearing them because they looked good and had a good fabric, I had to reject them because of the fitting. I couldn't help noticing none of them fit perfectly and are thus not fully comfortable.

I guess this is not a solo case. Many popular brands sell big yet never feel right. They shouldn't be in the market. We need to take a stand against them and understand our bodies come first. Comfort comes first, rather than looks of the clothes. Clothes that don't fit might look good on their own but do not flatter your body

Jockey's clothes look good, you can flaunt them but the fitting is a big disappointment. The Jockey bra that I have is similar to their crop top, looks sporty and also has hook-eye closure. The band is too tight and the cups give gaps. The type of underwears I like are neither thongs nor boy shorts, but rather regular panties with thin side bands. The underwear matching to the bra I just mentioned fits the criteria perfectly but it just doesn't fit! It gathers in the middle. And the tank tops look great but have ill-fitting arm holes. I don't understand how the manufacturing team is unable to produce clothes to fit most people when the designers create beautiful designs. How, how can the company ignore such an important aspect of clothing?

Image: Emma Watson

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