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How to choose the right footwear for you

1:25 PM

It's easy for any of us to tell what looks good and what doesn't. May be not always. But I don't want to give you a guide to what looks good, lace or chiffon or harem pants. Or wedges or flats.

I feel it's easy to tell what's looking good, a neon hairband or blue beads, but how to figure if it's for you?

Today, we are going to talk about footwear. The options are many, as with everything today, from tea to tongue cleaner. Three things you need to consider when deciding what to wear: style, comfort and occasion.

Women's wardrobes are generally loaded with fancy slippers, but do you buy keeping occasions in mind?

Most people go to the market and buy things they don't need. While it causes no harm if you want to keep shoes for show and acknowledge it but if you buy what you want and have nothing appropriate to wear when going out, you need to change your shopping habits.

Make a list of places you go to, gym, walking, bicycling, office, party, office party, bathroom, bedroom, houses, whatever applicable.

Image: Scarlet Johansson

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