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Heels without putting health at stake? Possible!

10:46 AM

Almost all women love to wear heels. While some of us can avoid them for everyday use, lots of ladies like to wear them everyday for a boost to their confidence or height or both. I feel more active when I wear them. I guess because some comfortable shoes can increase your desire to relax.

Insolia could be the solution to your health worries while adding inches to your stature. It helps with the distribution of body weight and the pressure wearing heels puts on your foot. Resulting in all day comfort so you no longer require to sit down and relax your feet after walking.

It's important that women don't ignore their health for fashion, especially when solutions are available. A lot of cases of arthritis, knee pain and leg pain are caused by wearing high heels. Even if you get away with it in your 20s, wearing them for years may contribute to a condition at a later age. We are all going to turn old some day so we might as well start taking precautions. Bear in mind that our future is always determined by our present. Work hard today for a better tomorrow.

All nerves are connected to our spine. Thus, many illnesses can be avoided by keeping our body posture correct, for an increased flow of energy and blood in our body and right weight distribution. Little things make a big difference.

If you are thinking I'm promoting it because I've been paid for it, then no, this is not a sponsored post.

Image: Isla Fisher

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