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Which hair removing method is the one for you? Part 2

9:04 AM

My tastes and views have changed. As opposed to what I said in, living with body hair now feels like living like animals. For now, I plan on keeping arm hair but never keeping pubic or underarm hair. Unnecessary dirt and bacteria.

I have also re-begun to wax my legs but not in salon but rather myself. It's a natural wax, it doesn't give me any spots or marks like salon waxing. It probably also doesn't get rid of live skin cells because sugaring doesn't and the difference between a waxing and sugaring is that a natural solution is used in sugaring.

I also would not recommend anyone to use Veet, although if you do, I'd recommend Veet supreme. The reason why I wouldn't recommend it is because after using it, thick hair come back and make you look like a man. This particular Veet does give smoothness and doesn't cause irritation but if you use it then you'll have a hard time going back to other hair removing methods.

Waxing and tweezing both produce better results with thin hair. In my experience, waxing and threading caused pain in salon but there is barely any pain when I wax or tweeze at home. What I do differently is applying after waxing and threading gel each time I strip wax off and every few minutes while tweezing.

To choose between all these various methods, first ask yourself whether you'd like to be bothered about hair removal everyday or in a week or once or twice a month. Shaving needs to be done everyday, a hair removal cream a week after, waxing and tweezing last for almost equivalent time (3-8 weeks) and threading for 15 days or so, depending on your hair growth. I mentioned in the part 1 of this article that shaving can be combined with hair removal creams but I don't like shaving personally as it seems to be a manly activity to me.

Image: Drew Barrymore

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