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Biggest beauty solution: Exfoliation

1:01 PM

Most of us try to find special creams and treatments for any little or big problem but the solution is almost always simple. For example, exfoliation can solve a myriad of beauty troubles. Exfoliation is what you need if hair removal continues to be annoying.

If you exfoliate before shaving, hair will be freed from dead skin cells so you will be able to remove it in one sweep. This way, it will grow back slower.

If your lips get dry too much or your lip gloss gives an icky finish, then too exfoliation can solve the problem. Washcloth is the best tool for exfoliation, can be used on lips as well but if you want to go fancier, loofahs and scrubs are good options and if you are looking for the simplest, plain warm water rubbed with a towel works great as well. I personally use warm water only and it gives cleaner, whiter skin and provides the perfect landscape for hair removal.

Image: Emma Watson

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