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Whom would you listen to: men or women?

4:23 PM

To whom would you go for beauty advice? A girlie friend, a make-up artist? Do I have reason to question the choice of almost all women?

What can I suggest then, certainly not taking advice from men, they can't even tell which dress looks better on you. They would tell you one thing though, that women are insecure. Your friend would tell you picking a navy dress instead of a gray one in the same design might make or break your life, but if you don't believe in luck, it doesn't really matter much. It matters, of course, navy might look better on you than gray does. But you don't have to be fussy about it. If you smile and believe that you look good, you will. I don't even worry about zits on weddings, because if I do other things right, I'd still look just as good. And then, life isn't all about looks, is it? How does it matter if you look good if you don't enjoy yourself?

Men would tell you that no one is going to check you with a magnifying glass. It won't matter if your mascara isn't perfect or if someone has got bigger lashes than you. What they would tell you is that doing too much is the biggest turn-off. Pencil thin eyebrows, too much foundation, too much make-up or jewellery are definitely turn-offs. When people look at you, they shouldn't get too confused about what to focus on, or they might run away from the confusion and complexity you are causing.

Too much skin show also sends people running away. Because it's not a secret that you can get attention with it, the challenge lies in getting attention without it. You would only look beautiful, if you feel beautiful, comfortable in your skin and learn to like yourself and focus on improving yourself rather than gloating. Ask yourself if you care more about competing with women over who can do better make-up or about being honest, showing who you are and really looking beautiful. Secret: research shows that happier women are more attractive.

Image: Emma Stone

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